Excursion to Central Museum of Armed Forces of Russia

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Moscow, Russia2 hoursPrivate Excursion

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The Central Museum of the Armed Forces of Russia is one of the largest military history museums in the world. It was founded in December 1919. The exposition of the museum is located in 24 halls and in an open area. It reflects the history of the Armed Forces from their inception on a regular basis to the present.

The collection of the museum has more than 800 thousand items, including:

- relics associated with the life and activities of the heroes of Russian history, both ordinary and well-known military leaders and statesmen;

- banners, awards, weapons and equipment, items of uniform and equipment of the domestic Armed Forces and armies of other states, including captured ones.

The open observation deck presents more than 150 samples of military equipment and weapons of the Soviet Army and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: from artillery pieces from the Civil War of 1918-1922. - to modern ballistic missiles.