Guided tour to State Historical Museum

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Moscow, Russia2 hoursPrivate Excursion

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The State Historical Museum is an amazing and immense storehouse of knowledge that simply cannot be studied in one day. Some of its most famous exhibits are the Svyatoslav’s Izbornik and The Apostle manuscripts, the saber of Napoleon Bonaparte and a letter, engraved on a walrus tusk. The Historical Museum has existed for over 135 years. Founded by the decree of Alexander II, it not only withstood all the wars, revolutions and coups, that took place on the territory of Russia, but also managed to collect the richest collection of exhibits during this time - there are about 5 000 000 pieces of the material culture and 15 000 000 historical documents! Its area is 4000 m² and there are 39 halls on two floors, each of which represents a special era in the history of Russia. There are a lot of personal belongings of legendary rulers, military leaders, political figures and public figures, such as Peter I, Nicholas II, Vladimir Lenin. The story is conventionally divided into two parts. On the first floor - everything that is connected with pre-Petrine times, on the second floor, the exposition is dedicated to Russia after the autocrat opened a window to Europe. And even if you consider yourself a connoisseur of Russian history, after getting acquainted with the gigantic collection of the State Historical Museum, you will discover its new pages.